Bosch Series 2 Black 12 place Dishwasher SMS23AB00G


Product Information

What stands out

  • Active Water technology saves water and energy whilst ensuring better performance
  • Timer delay lets you select a program and start time to wash when you want
  • Height adjustable top basket, great for fitting bulky dishes and pans
  • Save water on every wash, the load sensor detects when fewer dishes are loaded
  • Wash everything, glass protection technology takes extra care of delicate china and glass
  • Wash dishes in just 29 minutes with the Quick Wash programme
  • Fitted with an EcoSilence motor, it's very quiet and guarantees low energy consumption
  • Costs just £35 per year to run

The details

This Bosch dishwasher has been designed to deliver better cleaning whilst using less water and saving energy. With 12 place settings it's ideal for the family home and it has a height adjustable top basket and foldable racks, making it easier for you to load bulkier dishes and pans below.

Once the dishes are loaded, there's five programmes to choose from. Intensive is great for stubborn burnt on food and Quick Wash comes in handy when you're in a hurry, washing a full load in just 29 minutes. There's a special glass programme which takes extra care of your delicate china and glass too. There's also some special options which you can add on to the standard programmes. Such as Extra Dry, which adds extra drying time to cycles, it's ideal for items that tend to need a little more drying, such as pesky plastic containers.

This smart dishwasher can even tell how much you've loaded, so if it's a light load it will automatically adjust the cycle to save water. There's also features which ensure your detergent is used right, so nothing goes to waste. It can detect stains and regulates water usage depending on the type and level of dirt, to determine whether the rinsing process needs to continue. There's special ActiveWater technology too, which ensures efficient cleaning whilst saving energy and water. It does this by targeted water distribution, optimised filter technology, faster heating and higher pump performance for increased water circulation, ensuring everything is washed thoroughly.

Essential info

  • Dimensions: H84.5 x W60 x D60 cm
  • Electrical cord length: 175 cm
  • Outlet hose length: 190 cm
  • Inlet hose length: 140 cm
  • Capacity: 12 Place settings
  • Programmes: 5
  • Energy rating: A++


  • Intensive - 70°C – 125-135 mins
  • Eco - 50°C – 210 mins
  • Glass - 40°C – 85-90 mins
  • Quick - 45°C – 29 mins
  • Pre-rinse - 0°C – 15 mins
  • Special programmes: Vario Speed Plus, Extra Dry

More info

  • 1-24 Hour timer delay enables you to select a programme and start time to wash when best suits you
  • Vario baskets give enhanced flexibility when adjusting baskets to create space
  • Height adjustable top basket, handy when loading bulky items below
  • 2 Foldable plate racks in the bottom basket and 2 foldable cup shelves in the top basket
  • Extra dry function – for difficult to dry loads
  • Heat exchanger, pre-heats water in the tank to avoid temperature shock for delicate dishes
  • Load sensor – detects weight and saves water when fewer dishes are loaded
  • Aqua sensor detects stains and regulates the water usage depending on the dishes
  • Glass 40°C - protective programme gently cleans and dries glassware
  • Dosage assist detergent dispenser ensures just the right amount is used
  • Automatic detergent detection, knows what type of detergent your using
  • EcoSilence Drive TM, powerful cleaning but quieter
  • Leak protection system
  • LED salt and rinse aid indicator
  • Child lock door prevents the door from being accidentally opened
  • Rated A for washing and A for drying
  • Costs approx £35 per year to run on the assumption it is ran 5 times per week
  • Noise level: 48 dB
  • Freestanding built-under design
  • Water consumption: 9.5L
  • Energy consumption: 0.90 kWh
  • Connection rating: 2400 W
  • Current: 13 A


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